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Q)Please introduce yourself.

Hi, this is Nitish Waila, a full-time commercial photographer and storyteller specializing in adventure, outdoor lifestyle and landscape imagery, capturing authentic moments while surrounded by the most rugged and pristine beauty of the Himalayas in India and beyond.


Q) What made you reach here?

It has been a journey full of passion and sheer dedication to the art of photography. I started as a software graduate from a reputed university in India who turned into a former Software Developer and UI/UX Designer with various startups. All along my time in the corporate world, one thing was booming up and that was my love for climbing mountains and I went on to discover various parts of Himalayas on foot and my partner in crime was a camera. I kept clicking and processing pictures with each and every trip. While the trips increased in number, my work improved in quality in parallel. This process of learning continued and it has been 4 years now since I left my job to establish a full-time career in photography. I am still learning every day to be a better photographer and a better human being and this process is never going to stop because change is the only constant.

Q) What has your art brought to your life?

A) Along with the art, this lifestyle has humbled me a lot, it has brought peace and given a shape to my life and me as a human being. Being out in nature against the gigantic mountains made me realise how tiny we are in this enormous universe, which triggered a realisation of nothingness and that eventually turned into humbleness, shedding away the ego. As much as it sounds philosophical, I have literally experienced it a lot of times, mountains do teach you the harsh way but its a learning that’s everlasting. All these emotions eventually turned into my style of work, I have always strived to bring this feeling in my style of photography and the story behind all my pictures will surely make you believe so.

Q) Where are you going?

The bigger motive is to spread all the knowledge and happiness learned from the mountains and photography onto this world. The plans are to hold workshops teaching a lot of younger highly motivated photographer, teaching the art of photography and the art of being human more than anything. Apart from that, there are multiple personal and professional projects working towards the adventure world in India which is still very small but trying to bring that name up for the whole community.


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